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Wildlife Information and Photography

Wildlife Images and Stories

Conservation begins with raising public awareness of the wild animals that share our lives. Wildlife information and photography help to highlight the issues. Common species can quickly become rare and threatened with the uncompromising spread of urban life. Without a doubt, if common animals are struggling, rare species have little hope of survival.

Sharing wildlife stories and images from ethical tourism encounters and experiences can show the struggle of many animals to coexist with humanity. They showcase the threats facing wildlife and the beauty lost to future generations through extinction. Explore our wildlife information and photography articles and learn about wildlife conservation.

Wildlife photography: Hyena on the Masai Mara
Wildlife conservation: Cheetah on the Masai Mara
Wildlife Tourism, pied kingfisher in Zimbabwe
Wildlife information, African elephant on the Masai Mara

Wildlife Photography 

There are many wildlife photography tips and tutorials that cover camera settings and technical aspects online. However, camera settings are just part of honing your craft. Learn about wildlife conservation and photography through our articles on wildlife photography.

Wildlife Conservation

Worldwide wildlife conservation initiatives combat the decline of vulnerable species of birds, mammals and reptiles. These programs are crucial to the survival of many species. Learn more about how you can help.

Wildlife Experiences

Looking for inspiration on ethical wildlife tourism destinations that provide the opportunity to get up close to wildlife in its natural environment? Visit our wildlife travel blog for stories on wildlife encounters that are ethical and benefit wildlife conservation.

Wildlife Information

What do you do if you find injured wildlife and how to care for it until you can locate an experienced wildlife carer? Learn more about birds, mammals, and reptiles, and how to encourage wildlife without causing harm.

Latest Wildlife Information and Photography Articles

Browse our latest wildlife conservation and photography articles to help you learn about wildlife and improve your wildlife images.

Australian Galah

The unique Pink and Grey Galah is one of Australia’s most recognisable birds. Full of personality, Galahs are known for their comical and raucous behaviour.

Cockatoos of Australia - Little Corella (Cacatua sanguinea) in Flight

Cockatoos in Australia

Cockatoos in Australia, also referred to as ‘cockies’ consist of several species. What type of bird species is an Australian cockatoo?

Wildlife photography: Wildlife photography stories.

Storytelling for Wildlife Photographers

Learn how wildlife photographers use visual imagery for storytelling. Learn to elevate your wildlife images to the next level.

The art of wildlife photography. ©Diana Andersen

The Art of Wildlife Photography

Learn the art of wildlife photography. How do you step up from snapshots to images that engage the audience and elicit an emotional response?

Pelican in the afternoon light by Diana Andersen ©

Light and Wildlife Photography

In wildlife photography, the quality of light hitting your subject is essential in capturing images that grab your viewers attention.

Wildlife Conservation, White Rhino breeding at Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Wildlife Conservation and Education

Wildlife conservation and education are essential to raise awareness and protect many species. Learn about wildlife conservation initiatives.

Ethical Wildlife Tourism, Zebras seen on an African safari.

Ethical Wildlife Tourism

Ethical wildlife tourism can benefit the conservation of some species by providing funding and education on the threats facing wildlife.

Wildlife photography tips and tutorials

Wildlife Photography

The art of wildlife photography is a journey that evolves with your skill. Improve your art with my wildlife photography tips and tutorials.

Vulture Restaurant - White-backed vultures feeding at the vulture restaurant at Victoria Falls

Vulture Restaurant Experience

Feeding vultures at a vulture restaurant is a conservation initiative to support vulture numbers, providing education on their decline.

Vulture conservation in Africa. White-backed vultures.

Vulture Conservation in Africa

Vultures are crucial to the ecosystem to preventing disease. African vulture conservation is essential to halt the decline of these birds.

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