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Cattle Egret

The Cattle egret is a small, stocky white egret that follows livestock and large herbivores, feeding on insects disturbed by the foraging habits of the animals that give it ...

Little Corella

Raucous, rambunctious, playful and mischievous are all words that describe Australia's Little Corellas. They are a  common sight in many areas, including the urban areas of ...


The unique Pink and Grey Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla) is one of Australia's most recognisable birds. Full of personality, Galahs are known for their comical and raucous behaviour.
Bird pictures and information.
Bird Information and Images

Bird information and images from Animalinfo Publications. We aim to share the unique beauty of all birds and animals and raise awareness of conservation issues, including habitat loss.

Explore our information on bird species from around the world. Our descriptions and information on habitats, diets and reproduction are thoroughly researched. Bird species images are by awarded wildlife photographer Diana Andersen.

Wildlife photos in our galleries and profiles are available for purchase as stock images, digital downloads and prints. Follow the links at the top of each gallery to make a purchase.

Explore our categories, including Australian birds and African Birds. Our images are copyrighted and the work of awarded wildlife photographer Diana Andersen. Feel free to contact us for information regarding licensing and image usage.

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