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Wildlife Conservation Initiatives

Wildlife conservation initiatives combating the decline of vulnerable species of birds, mammals and reptiles are crucial to the survival of many species. Many species conservation projects aim to preserve wildlife. They achieve this through education, habitat preservation, in situ species management, threat management and captive breeding programs.

Conserving wildlife ensures that the delicate balance in ecosystems is maintained. If successful, future generations will be able to enjoy the diversity of species that we currently enjoy. Conversely, the decline of any species will often negatively impact another, resulting in a cascading fall in species diversity.

Losing wildlife species can often have a negative impact on humanity as well. For instance, vultures help to clean our environment by disposing of carrion and therefore help prevent the spread of disease. A decline in bird and insect species will have a negative impact on crops and food production. Reptiles contribute to the control of vermin, and the loss of apex predators causes an increase in herbivores. Both situations result in negative impacts on biodiversity and crop production.

Learn more about wildlife conservation initiatives and projects and how we can support them through financial aid, education and volunteering.

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