Glossy Ibis

A beautiful Glossy Ibis print with beautiful tones of green and mauve resulting from light being reflected off its feathers by Diana Andersen. Printed on Canson Fine Art paper with a 20mm white border. Free shipping in Australia.


GLOSSY IBIS Print by Diana Andersen

Most Ibis species are considered plain, even ugly in the case of the Australian White Ibis that frequents rubbish tips and has earned the nickname ‘tip turkey’. Glossy Ibis such as this one are more appealing, but in comparison to the spectacular beauty the bird world can produce, they are plain nonetheless. To someone who views them in passing wading along the edge of a lake, they appear to be a plain brown bird. Their plumage is shiny, hence the name Glossy Ibis. However, their plumage does possess hidden subtle beauty which, by chance, I was able to capture in this photograph.

The colour blue in feathers is not a result of pigment but is generated by light interacting with a feather’s structure. A combination of light and pigment creates combinations of colours that include blue. This young bird was in the process of moulting and lifted his new feathers to preen at just the right angle for the light to reflect this beautiful display of purple and greens in a way that we are usually not lucky enough to see.

50% of the proceeds of this print after shipping costs will be donated to WASR (Western Australian Seabird Rescue) to support the rescue of waterbirds including all the species of migratory seabirds visiting the Western Australian coast at different times of the year.  You can select a different rescue if you prefer during the checkout process. You will receive a letter of appreciation with the print so that if you give the print as a gift, the recipient knows that their gift supports wildlife. Your name is included with the donation to your chosen charity unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

Print size is 42cm x 45cm including a 20mm white border (unmounted) Printed area 40cm x 40cm.

Free shipping in Australia.

Additional information

Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 90 × 9 × 9 cm
Paper type

Canson Edition Etching Rag (Velvet fine art paper), Canson Platine Fibre Rag

Select Wildlife Fund

Animals Asia, TUSK Advancing Wildlife Conservation Across Africa, WASR Western Australian Seabird Rescue, WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue

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